Reporter 424, 5 October 1998


For directory, see under obfuscation

Dr Vic Rogers-Gentile
Textile Industries

I may be getting old, but the current University telephone directory appears to be a model of obfuscation. What on earth has happened to well-known terms such as Personnel, Library, Car Parking, Works and Services, etc. ?

The Personnel Office appears to have disappeared entirely, presumably into hyperspace, Car Parking is listed under Security (tell that to the person who had his wheels stolen) and the University libraries have found their way as a sub-group of Leukaemia.

Of course we all expected St James’s Hospital to appear under Anaesthesia, and if we were ankle deep in water, the plumber would obviously be found under one of the Red, Green, or Blue Teams of the Area Maintenance Team of the Asset Maintenance and Estates & Projects sub-group of Estate Services.

Catering is well placed under Residential and Commercial Services, but I'll wager my salary (sorry – Finance, sub-section accounting, payroll, academic related) that anyone wanting to keep fit in the gymnasium would never think of looking under 'C'.

Personally, I would prefer the ‘older’ terminology to at least be included in the directory; if not, could the Senior Common Room Bar be put under Anaesthesia?

Afternoon tea, urgently required

Mark Nelson
Department of Philosophy

This isn’t very important in the Grand Scheme of Things, I realise, but...

Does anyone know of a place in, or within a short walk of, the University where one can sit down and be served tea (and cakes, etc) in proper cups (ie not styrofoam) between the hours of 2pm and 5pm? Recently a guest asked to meet me for afternoon tea, and we had to walk down into the city centre to find any such place.

Related question: why is the SCR not open for afternoon tea? Is there no demand for it?

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