Reporter 423, 21 September 1998

University responds to wider participation

Important steps towards widening participation – in theory and action – were taken by the University over the summer.

Nearly 400 local people attended two summer schools organised by the School of Continuing Education.

The University has also been discussing its response to HEFCE proposals to widen participation, including £30m funding for institutions who have increased access through initiatives such as targetting specific groups.

Participants in the Leeds community summer school were encouraged to taste a range of subjects including IT, history and literature. A second summer school was aimed at people who wish to study science at university but who require supplementary support in maths.

In addition to this and projects such as the OPTIMISE programme (see page 1), the University is developing a comprehensive strategy to address both HEFCE and Dearing concerns on life-long learning. Far-reaching proposals relating to this and a corporate learning programme will be debated shortly by Academic Development Committee.

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