Reporter 423, 21 September 1998

Joint effort offers better support for students

A new Centre for Joint Honours has been created to recruit joint honours students and to provide them with administrative and pastoral support.

The new structure will provide uniformity across the full range of joint honours programmes, and recognises the particular nature of the four-year language courses with an integral year abroad.

The Centre will consist of three divisions, each with its own director. The Division of Science corresponds to the existing Joint Honours in Science for BSc students and will be headed by Dr Chris Hatton, who will also be the overall Director of the Centre for the first two years. The Division of Arts and Social Sciences is largely similar to the former Office of the Sub-Dean of Arts, and will be responsible for most students studying for a BA joint honours degree. Mrs Penny Robinson will be Director of this division. Students studying language courses requiring a year abroad will now receive support from a Division of Modern Languages, headed by Mr David Shaw.

Each division will recruit a pool of part-time personal tutors from the teaching departments to help with pastoral activities.

The Division of Science is already responsible for undergraduate students for the full duration of their degree programme. The responsibilities of the two new divisions will begin with students entering the University this month. When the Centre is fully up and running it will provide support for approximately 2,400 joint honours students.

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