Reporter 423, 21 September 1998

Smoking to be curtailed

Smoking at the University will soon be restricted to designated areas under proposals endorsed by Senate.

The new measures are being taken to implement the policy on smoking determined by the March meetings of Senate and Council. The general principle underlying the policy on smoking is that members of the University and visitors should not have to inhale tobacco smoke during the course of their normal business.

Under the regulations, smoking will be restricted to a newly-created staff smoking lounge above the maths coffee bar and a partitioned section of the coffee bar in the Roger Stevens block.

Single-occupancy offices will be excepted from the ban, pending the agreement of the Head of Department and a further review in twelve months’ time.

Following articles in the Reporter and Leeds Student, staff and students were asked to contribute views as part of a campus-wide consultation process. The issue of smoking was also raised at meetings of the Joint Committees with the AUT, MSF and UNISON, and at a meeting with officers from the Students Union.

Senate acknowledged that the current proposals represent a broad consensus of opinion in the University although they could not, of course, satisfy everyone.

The date for the ban’s enforcement was still to be confirmed as the Reporter went to press but is likely to be around the middle of October.

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