Reporter 423, 21 September 1998


Audit suggestions

Sue Lonergan
School of Education

I have returned my form for the audit in the internal mail. I have two comments to offer:

  1. May I suggest that more than one category be used for “ethnic origin =white”? As “black” is permitted 3 categories, and the Indian subcontinent likewise, perhaps “white” could be sub-divided into “white European”, “white American” and “white Australasian” – perhaps with “white African” as a bonus?
  2. Secondly, although I suffer from asthma and have marked my sheet to show this, I do not consider this is “a disability”.

This is taking disability awareness to ludicrous extremes. If it is done in order to boost the numbers of employees with “disabilities” so that the University can be said to employ the correct proportion of “disabled” people, then please do NOT count me among their number.

We will soon be counting people with chronic sinusitis or a few twinges of age-related rheumatism as “disabled” and in that case, the University would probably have over half its employees thus labelled!

A-verse to smoking

Dr Christopher Hammond
Department of Materials

You may like to reprint the following poem in light of the University’s no-smoking announcement.

“Of all the plants that Tellus’ bosom yields,
In groves, glades, gardens, marshes, mountains, fields,
None so pernicious to man’s life is known
As is tobacco, saving hemp alone;
But in them both a strangling virtue note,
For both of them doo worke upon the throte;
The one within it, and without, the other
And th’ one prepareth work unto the tother!”

*Extract from George Gordon’s editorial notes on The Veteran Pipe in The Oxford Ars Poetica: or, How to write a Newdigate, anon Oxford MDCCCLIII, reprinted in Three Oxford Ironies, p. 129, London, Humphrey Milford 1927.

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