Reporter 422, 8 June 1998

Academic promotions

To Senior Lecturer: Faculty of Arts – Ms Dana Arnold, Dr Frederick Bridgham, Dr Douglas Cairns, Dr Flemming Christiansen, Dr Anthony Hughes, Dr Ruru Li, Dr Hugh Pyper; Faculty of Business, Law, Education and Social Sciences – Dr Martin Bygate, Ms Lynne J Cameron, Dr Malcolm Chapman, Dr Hugh Dyer, Dr Christopher J Grey, Dr Miguel Lucio, Mr Thomas Roper, Dr Helen Short, Dr David Wall; Faculty of Biological Sciences – Dr Alison Baker; Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences – Mr Ian Dryden, Dr Stephen Evans, Dr Paul Seakins; Faculty of Engineering – Dr Terrence Cousens, Dr Cherian Iype, Dr Raymond Si-Keung-Kwan, Dr Tariq Mahmud, Dr Peter Mott; Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, Psychology and Health – Dr Janet Cade, Dr Elizabeth Berry, Dr Christopher Peers, Dr Callum C Youngson

To Reader: Dr Dionisius A Agius, Department of Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies; Dr R Alan Duckett, Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Polymer Physics; Dr Eileen Ingham, Department of Microbiology; Dr Jennifer Kirkham, Division of Oral Biology; Dr Ian D Lawrie, Department of Physics and Astronomy; Dr Michael J McPherson, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Dr Robert E Miles, School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering; Dr Gareth J Morgan, LRF for Clinical Epidemiology; Dr Raymond D Pawson, School of Sociology and Social Policy; Dr Malcolm J W Povey, Department of Food Science; Dr Sheena E Radford, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Dr Eve Roman, LRF for Clinical Epidemiology; Mr Mark D Stringer, Division of Paediatrics and Child Health

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