Reporter 422, 8 June 1998


Professor Brian Jewell

Brian came to Leeds in 1978 as Professor of Physiology and later, as Head of the Department, saw its research rating improve in successive assessments.

In 1987 he became Chairman of the Board of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, and in 1990 was appointed Dean of Medical and Dental development, a new post in which he was closely concerned with the reorganisation of the School of Medicine. In 1994 he was appointed Dean of the School of Medicine. He has maintained close links with the NHS and played a role in establishing a single acute NHS Trust in Leeds.

Professor David Johnston

David’s career at Leeds began in 1962 and, after periods in Sheffield and Bristol, returned in 1977 to take up the Chair of Surgery at the LGI. He has published widely on many aspects of gastric and intestinal function and, through the application of Japanese surgical techniques, has been able to achieve survival rates for patients with gastric cancer which are unequaled. He is a member of a number of prestigious international societies.

Professor Haddon Willmer

Most of Haddon’s working life was spent in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies where he served as Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and Professor of Theology.

He engaged actively in working groups which sought to apply theology to contemporary issues and his interests led him to pursue links with other departments and schools. As a teacher, his interest was in stimulating intellectual enquiry and vision, particularly in MA courses. Haddon’s University roles included Dean of the Faculty of Arts and member of Council and Senate.

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