Reporter 421, 27 May 1998

New Dean appointment to co-ordinate student support

Jim Parry has been appointed Dean for Student Support and will take up this new position on August 1. He will play a major role in the development and co-ordination of University policy for student services support, working with University agencies such as the Student Support Network and the Student Welfare Committee.

The Dean’s immediate priorities will include consideration of the impact of the Dearing Report and widening access on student support agencies, student stress and poverty and student withdrawal from courses.

Further responsibilities are likely to include liaising between the members of the Student Support Network, co-ordinating and compiling data about all aspects of student experience, promoting effective student support and co-ordinating student support with Faculties.

The post will be held half time for three years in the first instance. “The University very much welcomes this appointment as an important means of strengthening the network of student development and support” said the Registrar, Dr David Robinson.

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