Reporter 419, 27 April 1998

Committee vacancies

The Senate’s Committee on Nominations and Representatives will meet later this term to consider the filling of vacancies for Senate nominees on the following committees:

Honorary Degrees Committee; Committee on University Collections; Committee on Applications; Expeditions Committee; Committee on Promotional Chairs (vacancies for professorial representatives from all faculties except BLESS); Committee on Readerships (vacancies for Readers or Professors from the Research Schools of Arts, Earth and Environment, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Dentistry, Psychology and Health); Chair of the Referred Students Committee of the Faculties of Arts and BLESS; Chair of the Referred Students Committee of the Faculties of Earth and Environment; Engineering; Mathematics and Physical Sciences; Biological Sciences; and School of Psychology

Members of staff may put themselves forward for a vacancy (no seconder needed), express a general interest, or nominate others, with their consent, for consideration. In general Senate nominees need not be members. Full details were circulated to all Heads of Resource Centres and Departments and Deans on 22 April. Enquiries and nominations by telephone or in writing to Helen Benton in Secretariat, ext 4036.* More...

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