Reporter 419, 27 April 1998

Senate news

In the recent rounds of elections to the Senate, the results were as follows (the number of years candidates will serve is shown in brackets):

By and from all faculties: Professor A Edwards (Education) (3), Dr J Hewison (Psychology) (3), Professor J M Hill (English) (3), Professor P J Mackie (Transport Studies) (3), Dr J P Toner (Transport Studies) (3), Dr M B Williams (East Asian Studies) (2), Dr R Killington (Microbiology) (1).

By and from individual faculties: Business, Law, Education and Social Sciences – Mr R P Williams (Education) (3); Earth & Environment – Dr I Turton (Geography) (3), Dr R Butler (Earth Sciences) (1); Mathematics & Physical Sciences – Dr I D Lawrie (Physics & Astronomy) (3), Professor S K Scott (Chemistry) (3); Engineering – Dr R Gee (Materials) (3), Dr A Hughes (Electronic & Electrical Engineering) (3), Professor G E Andrews (Fuel & Energy) (2); Medicine, Dentistry, Psychology & Health – Professor J A Davies (Medicine) (3), Dr K E Lee (Clinical Sciences) (3), Dr G I Sandle (Medicine) (3), Mr M C Towers (Healthcare Studies) (3).

Mr D M Martin (Restorative Dentistry) has been co-opted to the Senate for one year.

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