Reporter 419, 27 April 1998

Material developed at Leeds continues on road to success

The home entertainment and sports car industries are set to be revolutionised by ULIS company Vantage Polymers Ltd, thanks to its unique compacted material, first featured in Reporter 398.

Loudspeaker cones made from the lightweight and strong material Vantex have been shown to outperform all known materials to produce significantly improved levels of sound quality.

Professor Ian Ward, managing director of Vantage, says: “We stumbled across this application for our material almost by accident but it seems to match the industry’s needs to the letter.” The loudspeaker market is enormous and Vantage expects to see annual sales of more than two million cones within two years.

Vantex will also make its début on the racing track in the spring as Ford Motorsport has specified the material for the interiors of cars for its new Puma Racing Team. The decision to use Vantex was based on its light weight, high stiffness and high quality appearance. After the first samples were supplied to Ford, senior materials engineer Roger Whenmouth wrote to Vantage, declaring simply “Motorsport loves it!”

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