Reporter 418, 6 April 1998

Notice board

Time off for study

Applications are invited for a second round of Study Leave awards in the Humanities Research School, following approval earlier this year for 11 awards.

The aim of the awards is to help the University in its objective of having all academic disciplines recognised as of high quality in research assessment exercises, and to target strategic funding to achieve this. The University has provided the Humanities Research School with £80,000 for Study Leave awards which may be taken in 1998-99 or 1999-2000.

Study Leave will normally be for one semester, but applications for two semesters will be considered if there is a very good case. The School expects to invite a third round of applications after the summer vacation.

All applications should be sent no later than noon on May 15 to Lorraine Gaughan, Room 11.68, E C Stoner Building, or by e-mail to:

Learning is for life

Lifelong learning, training and development is the subject of a seminar organised by the School of Continuing Education on April 28. The event, which runs from 4.30pm to 6.30pm, will introduce local organisations to the long-established Certificate in Education (Further Education). For details, contact Yvonne Jarrett at the School.

Returning to learning

University employees with few if any formal qualifications are being offered the chance once again to ‘Return to Learn’. Following the success of the first course (see Reporter 394), the Staff and Departmental Development Unit is offering a second course designed to help people on the road back to education. The course is an opportunity for staff to develop their skills, whatever their age or education.

Return to Learn has been developed by the union UNISON and is offered on campus during work time. Course fees will be paid and the time spent is paid release. Participants can work at their own level, from introductory to A-Level equivalent. Contact Mandy Ellis on (0113) 233 4148, before May 8 1998.

Court and Council nominations

The Court and Council Membership Committee will be meeting in May to consider appointment of lay (external) members of the University Court and Council. The Committee’s terms of reference require it to have regard to the need to strike a balance between rotation and continuity in the membership of both bodies.

Members of the University are invited to submit nominations for the Committee’s consideration. These may be either in respect of the Court or the Council, but in any event the number of vacancies this year is likely to be small.

Nomination forms are available from George Brassay in the Secretariat (Room 11/72 in the E C Stoner Building, ext 4055), to whom completed forms should be returned, no later than 1 May.

A woman’s work...

Changing images of work during the French Revolution will be explored in an exhibition at the University Gallery in April and May. Artworks and artifacts, many never seen before in Britain, will be on display from the Musée de la Révolution Française and the Bibliothèque Nationale. The exhibition ‘Women At Work, Men In Labour’ focuses on issues of work and gender. An international symposium on Work And The Image will be held on April 17 to 19, co-presented by Professor Griselda Pollock and Dr Valerie Mainz of the Department of Fine Art. The exhibition runs from April 20 to May 23. *

Webbing for books

Suggestions for Library purchases (other than periodicals) can now be made electronically to the appropriate Subject Librarian.

A special Web form is available at: The periodicals suggestion form, which needs a departmental Library Rep’s signature, can be downloaded from the same page in either Word or, at the request of UNIX users, pdf format.

“An online purchase suggestion form was requested by departmental Library representatives at a recent meeting with the Librarian, and we are pleased to be able to offer it,” said Senior Assistant Librarian Pam Davies.

Let’s talk business, ethically speaking

A one-day conference on Hampel and the future of corporate governance has been arranged by the Centre for Business and Professional Ethics and the Centre for Business Law and Practice, together with Eversheds. It will be on Friday April 17, from 10am to 5pm, in University House. Speakers include Sir David Chapman, who was on the Greenbury Committee, Michelle Adkins of Hermes Investment Management, Elaine Sternberg, author of Just Business: Business Ethics in Action, and Robin Pitcher of Eversheds. The afternoon will be devoted to workshops. Cost for academics, including lunch, £50; some concessions for postgraduates. Contact: Julie Stringer of Eversheds 243 0391.

Active learning

The Context project – a Leeds-based national network to promote active learning – has launched a mailbase discussion list to support those newly embarking on this mode of teaching. The aim is to offer help, information and discussion space to promote the use of case materials and simulations within HE and employment.

The first Context case has now been sponsored, written and piloted with students. It covers a wide range of topics, and would be suitable for use in a range of degree programmes such as geography, environmental studies, chemistry, business studies and possibly engineering. Copies are now available.

For further details of the discussion list or the report, contact Project manager Maggie Boyle at:

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