Reporter 417, 23 March 1998

Local links lead to successful recruitment bid for engineers

The University has won the highest rating for a successful bid to recruit engineering technology students to a new collaborative scheme with Park Lane and Barnsley Colleges.

The scheme, developed jointly between the School of Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering and the Colleges, provides support for up to 75 students each year to join a sub-degree programme leading to a higher education Certificate in Engineering Technology.

Students awarded the Certificate gain direct entry to the second year of selected degree programmes in Engineering, but can defer progression to increase their experience and spread the cost. The Certificate provides an important intermediate step for students entering FE and HE through non-standard routes.

Level 0 (taught in the Colleges) prepares students in mathematics and physical sciences and introduces them to engineering disciplines and career options. Seminars in engineering introduce students to the University, engineering degrees and outcome opportunities. Level 1 (taught in the University's School of Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering) develops knowledge underpinning a range of process engineering disciplines; basic management skills, and an understanding of financial implications of engineering decisions; laboratory and workshop skills, and IT skills including CAD; and an awareness of quality systems, safe working practices and environmentally sound engineering.

The University's Dean for Strategic Development, Dr Jonathan Adams, said: "This will be of great value to engineering technicians - a group with high employer demand in the West Yorkshire region. Leeds is the third largest UK manufacturing centre and engineering alone accounts for 38% of manufacturing employment."

The HEFCE gave the bid a rating of 1.A and is providing funds of £385,000 per year.

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