Reporter 417, 23 March 1998


OPTED has secured European Social Funding for 50 new part-time undergraduate places from this autumn.

The funding is to support lone parents/carers of children or other dependants in the Leeds area who are at present unemployed or underemployed and who cannot achieve their potential because they have knowledge/expertise which is outdated, they made 'false starts' on careers broken by other commitments or because their life circumstances , such as widowhood or children reaching school age, have altered their career prospects.

The students will receive free tuition, work-experience and a small personal allowance towards dependant care, transport costs etc. At the University they will study 120 credits over two years on any programme which will contribute to their entry or reentry to the job market. We expect the majority of students to opt for vocationally related programmes, but no programme is ruled out which will help a student's career objectives. All departments contributing to part-time degree programmes are invited to participate in the scheme.

Further details and information are available from Dr Tony Donajgrodzki, Office of Part-Time Education.

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