Reporter 416, 9 March 1998

How To Get The Most Out of Your Career at Leeds University

(Three one-day linked workshops)


These three one-day linked workshops are intended to help you identify your career goals at the University and to learn tools and techniques to manage change and improve your own effectiveness. You will explore your strengths and development needs and improve your personal effectiveness at work. The workshops will be particularly useful for those staff who find themselves in a new role, needing to be more flexible and needing to learn new skills to adapt to change. Participants will build an action plan for use at work.

The tutor, Steve Walker, a freelance trainer, has worked in many areas in Higher Education and the Public Sector. For five years he was a Staff Development Adviser at Sheffield University and has recently worked with a consultancy company delivering training and development courses to a range of organisations across sectors. This has included a number of HE and FE institutions. Steve has considerable experience of working with all grades of support staff in HE on numerous issues. He is committed to training and development that benefits both individuals and the organisation.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course delegates will have:

  1. identified their key career goals at Leeds University
  2. learnt a range of practical models, tools and techniques that will help them manage change and improve their effectiveness
  3. identified key information about their own strengths and development needs
  4. improved their personal effectiveness skills and underpinning knowledge and therefore will improve their future work performance and that of their team
  5. worked out a practical Action Plan to use the course learning to directly improve their work as well as that of their team and of the University of Leeds.

Tutor: Steve Walker, freelance trainer

Dates: Mon 27 April, Wed 3 June and Thurs 9 July 1998

Time: 9.15-4.39

Venue: SDDU Training Room (6.08), level 6, E C Stoner Building

All workshops in the series must be attended.

Please make your own lunch arrangements between 12.30-1.30

The cancellation fee for this workshop if 2 working days' notice is not given is £10 per day.

Managing in the Middle

(Two one-day linked workshops for senior support staff supervisors, and administrative staff)


These two one-day linked workshops are aimed at those senior support staff supervisors who have already undertaken supervisory skills training and now wish to develop higher level skills. The content should also be of use to administrative staff who manage individuals or teams.

During the workshops delegates will discuss the key role of `middle' managers, what makes a supervisor highly effective, planning, goal setting, coaching, mentoring, influencing skills, team development and managing change. Both days will be highly interactive and delegates will be asked to make plans for action at work between the two days and at the end of the last day.

Learning objectives

  1. identify, enhance and apply their own skills as managers in the middle, with confidence
  2. plan their own work and that of others andmeet priorities
  3. prepare and present a case to put to others in the department
  4. develop others more effectively using a combination of coaching and mentoring skills
  5. know what makes teamwork effective and develop key strategies to develop their own teams
  6. understand some of the ways in which change can be used to enhance departmental working

Tutor: Jackie Bould

Dates: Thurs 14 May and Tues 23 June 1998

Time: 9.15-4.45 both days

Venue: Fairbairn House

Delegates must attend on both days. Delegates are normally expected to have completed some training at supervisory level, but this is not essential.

The cancellation fee for this workshop if 2 working days' notice is not given is £20 per day

For further details or to book a place, please contact Mandy Ellis in SDDU.

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