Reporter 416, 9 March 1998

Funding brings relief for Leeds

Last week’s funding announcement is good news for the University, and may offset next year’s reduced income from South East Asia.

The Higher Education Funding Council for England’s announcement for 1998/9 represents a significant improvement compared to planning figures set out under the last Government. Even so, the figures still add up to a 1% reduction in average funding per student across universities.

The figures include a shift of funds from teaching to research in respect of postgraduate research students. There are also increases in the block grant to compensate for the reduced tuition fees from local education authorities.

Leeds is doing better than average across the sector because its current rate of funding is unusually low. Taking the various changes into account, next year’s teaching block grant for Leeds increases by about 5% to £45 million. The research block grant increases by about 3% to £27 million.

Initial figures suggest that the University will be about £1.5 million better off than earlier planning figures had estimated. In round terms, this roughly balances the expected shortfall in international student fees.

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