Reporter 414, 9 February 1998

Senate round up

Hitting the target

Resource Centres have been warned to stick closely to their student admission targets for 1998-1999. There will be penalties for Resource Centres which incur substantial overshoots.

The University’s MASN (home undergraduate recruitment) has been set at 14,250 for the next academic year, a small increase on the 1997-1998 MASN of 14,113, which, for the first time, the University failed to meet. The overshoot was caused by fewer students than projected dropping out, rather than over-recruitment. It is believed that next year’s introduction of tuition fees was a factor.

Heads get broader

Senate has agreed that members of the academic-related staff should, ‘in exceptional cases,’ be eligible for appointment as head of resource centre (HoRC), subject to the agreement of the resource centre.

The decision follows the changing role of certain HoRCs, who are largely concerned with resources management rather than academic leadership, and in view of increasing flexibility between academic and academic-related grades.

It is expected, however, that the appointment of academic staff will remain ‘the norm’.

Contracts review

A review of the distribution of fixed-term contracts is currently underway, with the aim of converting some of these posts into permanent ones when HEFCE or other funding is secure.

A working group has been set up to consider the results of the review and to look at options for managing fixed-term contracts in the future. The move has been welcomed by the AUT.

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