Reporter 414, 9 February 1998


Professor David Holdcroft has retired from the University after 25 years’ service; Senate has adopted the following resolution.

Professor Holdcroft joined the University as Professor of Philosophy in 1983 and served as Head of the Department from 1984 to 1987, where he took great care in encouraging his colleagues’ research projects. As Chairman of the Board of Arts 1988-90 his friendly approach helped forge a great sense of cooperation and Faculty purpose.

In 1991 Professor Holdcroft was appointed Dean for Academic Development, and Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research the following year. He was largely responsible for implementing the new modular structure for taught degree programmes and introducing a unified central timetable for teaching.

As Pro-Vice-Chancellor he was instrumental in raising the University’s research standing nationally and internationally, as shown in the results of the 1992 and 1996 Research Assessment Exercises.

Professor Holdcroft was invited to become local organiser for last year’s British Association Festival of Science. The huge success of the event owed much to his tactful diplomacy and organisational insight.

Totally dependable and unswervingly committed to the University he was never the remote administrator. Always accessible and visible around the University he was ever ready for a cheerful chat and encouraging word. Even with all the other calls on his time he maintained his research and some teaching, to the appreciation of his students.

Professor John Morrison has retired after 28 years at the University.

After completing his PhD Professor Morrison was appointed as a lecturer in Physiology. He became an independent researcher, and was promoted to a senior lectureship in 1976, a readership in 1983 and a personal chair in 1988.

Alongside a very busy research career Professor Morrison became involved in the wider University arena as a Head of the Department (1987-92), by the end of which he was serving on 32 committees. He was influential in finding ways to recruit and support more young research active staff, improving conditions for research and postgraduate training, promoting interdisciplinary activity, and establishing international collaborations. On the teaching side his contributions included expansion of the science courses and modularisation .

Professor Morrison is to move to the Medical School at United Arab Emirates University.

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