Reporter 414, 9 February 1998

Library opens its virtual doors

The School of Chemistry has taken the radical decision to open a virtual library enabling users to access instantly articles published in the world’s most important journals. Faced with the difficult task of balancing the books and the desire to provide researchers with a departmental library, money saved from cancelling printed journal subscriptions has been used to buy twelve Pentium PCs and a large data cache which captures articles from transatlantic servers overnight. University Librarian and Dean of Information Strategy Lynne Brindley opened the virtual library on 13 January. It is situated in the Chaston-Chapman library, in the School of Chemistry. Congratulating the department for the initiative she said “Although the road forward is likely to be challenging with many uncertainties surrounding moves towards the electronic library – copyright, digital archiving, cultural acceptability – international commitment to these developments is secure and Leeds has attained a key place in this work.”

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