Reporter 414, 9 February 1998

The UK holds the Presidency of the Council of the European Union from 1 January - 30 June 1998.

In conjunction with the UK Presidency, the Leeds European Initiative has brought together a programme of events on issues of European interest.

13 February - Meeting of Social Welfare Committee of Eurocities Network

This meeting will involve up to twenty of the largest cities in Europe. Themes for discussion will include education, social exclusion, citizenship, social housing and disability.

23 - 27 February - European Week for schools, colleges and youth

Events to include a conference on the EU and its young citizens (tel Dimitrios Kavakas, 233 4441), access to mobile European Information Centre plus an activity day on Europe for primary school pupils (tel Celia Robbins, 214 4068).

23 - 28 February - Hans Christian Andersen's 'The Emperor's New Clothes'

Performed in English by the Finnish Puppet Theatre. Contact West Yorkshire Playhouse for details on 213 7700

February/March - Regional Conference on EU Policy

The city of Leeds, in conjunction with the European Commission Office in the UK, is to host a regional conference on EU urban policy. No specific date has been set.

5 March - Official launch of UK Second Chance School, East Leeds Family Learning Centre.

A network of schools is to be established across the EU. The Leeds project will be launched by Edith Cresson, European Commissioner for Education and Training.

19 March - Meeting of UK Eurocities network

Keynote speaker Richard Caborn MP, Minister for the Regions, Regeneration and Planning. The meeting will be attended by leaders and representatives form member cities of the network.

Where contact details have not been given, information can be obtained on 247 4345

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