Reporter 413, 26 January 1998

Quality expert Pauline off to work with ‘extended family’

Pauline Aldous is leaving the University after 20 years, having spent the last three as director of the Teaching Quality Assurance Unit. She will join the University College of Ripon and York St John as Academic Registrar – “so it will be like going to work with the extended family,” she said.

Pauline has worked in the Colleges Office, the School of Education and the Student Office. She has seen many changes during her time at the University; the most significant being the introduction of modular degrees.

In her new role Pauline will continue to work closely with TQA staff, as the office looks after the relationship between the University and its colleges. She will take a week’s break before she starts at Ripon so she can get her “thought processes away from Leeds!”

“It feels very curious to be leaving and it will be a wrench to leave Leeds,” she says, “but I’ve really enjoyed working here and I know I’ll be able to keep in touch with friends and colleagues.”

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