Reporter 413, 26 January 1998

Quartet for the campus

Three of the Sorrel Quartet’s members have been playing together for a decade, since their first day as students at the Royal Northern College of Music. The collaboration flourished and now, with a fourth member, they have become the University’s quartet in residence.

“Thinking back to my own college days at London’s Guildhall School I remember how important it was to meet real musicians and swap ideas,” says leader and violinist Gina McCormack, who was delighted by the University’s invitation. “It can be really inspiring for students, especially when you’re working with people not much older than yourself.”

As well as taking masterclasses and workshops with students, they will perform at the University. One concert took place in November and two more are scheduled.

Viola player Vicci Wardman is Leeds born and bred; she met cellist Helen Thatcher and violinist Catherine Yates at college. Gina joined them in 1995. “We respect each other’s playing and we don’t have hideous temperamental rows,” she says. “I imagine we will be together for many years to come.”

The next Sorrel concert is on 11 March. Full details of this concert are included in a leaflet inside this issue of the Reporter; further copies are available from Sue Wheater on ext 2584.

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