Reporter 413, 26 January 1998


Saving stamps

Vicky Statler
Head of Corporate Services

The International Airmail contract has recently been re-tendered for the period 1 November 1997 to 31 October 1998. The tender results and supplier options have been assessed and the University of Leeds has continued with International Airmail Services from Royal Mail International (our current service supplier).

Significant service improvements were negotiated with Royal Mail International during the last year and these have contributed to greater efficiency in the University’s Mail Service. The new contract prices give a saving of 70 pence per kg for European mail and 80 pence per kg for Rest of the World mail.

The University spent £167,011 on International Airmail last year and the lower prices indicate an estimated saving of £16,666 for the year from 1 November 1997, based on last year’s mail weights. These savings will benefit departments directly in reduced mail charges.

Therapeutic interest

Hugh Palmer
School of Healthcare Studies

A small group of lecturers within the School of Healthcare Studies are developing modules on complementary therapies. We would be very interested in hearing from colleagues in the University who are either qualified in a complementary therapy, or who have a particular interest in them; for example from psychological or biomedical perspectives. Also, would anyone wish to participate in a Complementary Therapies Interest Group? If so, we would be glad to hear from you.

For further information, please contact me at St James’s on 234 7283 or email

International success

Betty Vaughan
Adviser to International Students’ Office

We wish to thank everybody for their continued support and also to give you a short update as to how the Centre, which was opened by Colonel Roberts, Pro-Chancellor, on 6 October 1997 is progressing. Both the morning and afternoon sessions have proven to be very successful and popular with the International Students and their families.

Volunteers are still needed for various activities. We also need further kitchen equipment; children’s books (0-5 yrs); books on various hobbies are also required for our Centre. Please contact ext 3931.

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