Reporter 412, 15 December 1997

You cannot be serious...

I’ll just briefly overview the items we’ve received for discussion at this meeting of the Quality Audit Group.

The Library is complaining that its counting of occupied seats is being described in student graffiti as, erm, well let us say counting “bottoms” on seats. They wonder what we can do to overcome this. Also, would we prefer them to report that seat occupation is 80% full or 20% empty? An important question that, I think.

Catering is increasingly concerned that even though they are now consistently reporting zero grub counts in the salad each week there has been a marked decline in takings. Speaking personally, I must admit being disconcerted to see the zero chalked up on the board by the entrance.

The teaching quality people have asked our advice on whether we should continue collecting audit information about the lengths of chalk stubs left after each lecture. As you know this was originally introduced as a measure of the teaching effort exerted per lecturer.

The next item for discussion is examinations. Exams Office have started counting the number of cases of cheating discovered each semester. They want us to advise whether they should be trying to manipulate an increase or a decrease of the reported numbers. A tricky one that, I think.

Finally, do we support the move to report the average response time of the car park barrier as 0.006 hours rather than twenty seconds? A.J.B.

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