Reporter 411, 1 December 1997

Food scares prompt a degree of understanding

Mad cow disease, salmonella and organic farming will be among items on the menu of a new degree course to be launched next year.

Public concern has never been higher over issues such as BSE, food poisoning, animal welfare and the quality of manufactured foods. Yet too often the conflicting messages from food producers, health experts and pressure groups simply result in confusion.

The University of Leeds has teamed up with one of the UK’s premier agricultural colleges to help bridge this ‘understanding gap’ and ensure our food is in safe hands. The Department of Food Science is working with Askham Bryan College at York to offer the degree in Food Production, Processing and Marketing, available from October 1998.

Dr Chris Kennedy, of the University’s Department of Food Science, says: “There is now a clear acceptance that if we are to ensure safe and nutritious food for the nation, we need people who have been trained to understand the complexities of the whole food chain, from the farm to the plate.”

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