Reporter 411, 1 December 1997

Big money for booming research

Research contracts worth more than £50m were awarded to University researchers in the year to July 1997 – and seven of these were worth over £400,000.

The British Heart Foundation awarded £445,000 to Professor Boyett and Dr Holden of Physiology, who are working on a computer model of where the heart’s first beat starts with the aim of understanding why pacemakers can stop working.

Dr Carsten and Mr Parkes of the Instititute for Transport Studies have been awarded £489,000 by the Department of Transport to explore possible methods of controlling vehicle speeds externally.

Dr Eady of Microbiology and Professor Cunliffe of the Research School of Medicine have received funding of £442,000 to explore cost-effective antimicrobial treatments for acne, as featured in Reporter 410. Dr Bishop, also of the Research School of Medicine, received £500,000 from the Imperial Cancer Research Fund for the Genetic Epidemiology Laboratory at St James’s Hospital.

A £632,000 EPSRC grant to Professor Lawrence and Dr Iype of Textile Industries is funding the exploration of fibre dynamics in the carding process and the project aims to provide a more flexible production route for the manufacture of woollen yarns.

Another EPSRC grant – worth £465,000 – has been made to Professors McLeish and Davies of Physics and the IRC and Dr Harlen of Applied Mathematics for the modelling of polymeric materials and processing. The EPSRC is also funding Professor Hoyle and Dr Povey’s work on process tomography, which has received £500,000.

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