Reporter 411, 1 December 1997

New structure strengthens our hand

The University’s academic management structure has been strengthened by restructuring, which has seen the realignment of faculty boundaries and the establishment of seven research schools. The new structure, printed below, should reduce administrative costs while facilitating inter-disciplinary teaching and research. The aim is to help the University maintain its position within an increasingly competitive environment.

Research School and Faculty of Arts

Sub-Faculty of Arts:

School of Classics, Department of Fine Art, Department of Music, School of Philosophy, Department of Theology and Religious Studies

School of English

School of History

School of Modern Languages and Cultures:

Department of Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies, Department of East Asian Studies, Department of French, Department of German, Department of Italian, Language Centre, Department of Linguistics and Phonetics, Department of Russian and Slavonic Studies, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Research School and Faculty of Business, Law, Education and Social Sciences

Leeds University Business

School School of Continuing Education

School of Education

School of Social Sciences and Law:

Department of Politics, Department of Sociology and Social Policy, Department of Law, School of International, Development and European Studies

Institute of Communications Studies

Research School and Faculty of Biological Sciences

School of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

School of Biology

Department of Human Biology

Department of Microbiology

Department of Pharmacology

Department of Physiology

Research School and Faculty of Earth and Environment

School of Earth Sciences

School of Geography

Leeds Environment Centre

Institute for Transport Studies

Research School and Faculty of Mathematics and Physical Sciences

School of Mathematics:

Department of Applied Mathematical Studies, Department of Pure Mathematics, Department of Statistics

School of Physical Sciences:

School of Chemistry, Department of Colour Chemistry, Procter Department of Food Science, Department of Physics and Astronomy

Research School and Faculty of Engineering

School of Civil Engineering

School of Computer Studies

School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering:

Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Microwaves and Photonics Institute, Integrated Information Systems Institute

School of Mechanical Engineering

School of Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering:

Department of Chemical Engineering, Department of Fuel and Energy, Department of Materials, Department of Mining and Mineral Engineering

School of Textile Industries

Research School and Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, Psychology and Health

School of Medicine

School of Dentistry

School of Psychology

School of Healthcare Studies

Nuffield Institute for Health

A number of centres and institutes are interdisciplinary and inter-faculty, such as the Keyworth Institute of Manufacturing and Information Systems Engineering, the Molecular Recognition Centre, the Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Polymer Science and Technology and the SOMS Centre.

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