Reporter 411, 1 December 1997

Network news

The backbone of the UK's academic and research network SuperJANET is to be replaced following an agreement between the United Kingdom Education and Research Networking Association and Cable and Wireless. This is another step towards providing the HE and research community with a leading edge network for teaching and research. Connections will be run from the central SuperJANET backbone to switching centres in Leeds, Bristol, Manchester and London and then on to Metropolitan Area Networks developed through joint funding from the funding councils and HE institutions.

The Yorkshire and Humberside universities have been collaborating for a year on developing the region's area network (YHMAN) which will be used to facilitate all forms of IT-based collaboration in teaching, research and work with industry. The project steering group is led by UCS at Leeds and has members from all participating institutions. There are also plans to use YHMAN to make links with subsidiary campuses of each participating University, their affiliated colleges, FE colleges and other organisations such as libraries, museums, schools and industry. It is expected that YHMAN will be in operation by March.

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