Reporter 411, 1 December 1997

Work-based Learning first for School of Healthcare Studies

The Division of Nursing in the School of Healthcare Studies has responded to the Vice-Chancellor's call for more work-based learning (Statement to Court 12 December 1996) by developing new work-based learning programmes for nurses and health care workers. The 'Certificate of Higher Education in Nursing/Enrolled Nurse Conversion Programme (Work Based Learning)' was approved by the School of Healthcare Studies on 23 September 1997. It is anticipated that 700 nurses will take the course over the next five years. They will receive 40 level 1 credits advanced standing before taking three taught theory modules, an extended work-based learning module, and a 'Personal Review of Learning' module. Students will acquire knowledge and understanding for professional practice while demonstrating occupational competences required by the English National Board, and also develop skills in self-managed and reflective practice for lifelong learning. The 'Diploma in Health Education and Health Promotion (Work Related Learning)' was approved by the School of Healthcare Studies on 30 October 1997. This level 2 programme utilises open learning materials and is designed for health and social care workers to develop and demonstrate their health education role in the workplace. Dr Kath Rayfield, Head of the Department of Physiology and Chair of the validation panel, congratulated the programme development team and said the Certificate was ëan exciting and innovative programme which was moving the open learning concept on in such a way that participants could achieve academic credibility alongside acquiring their accredited competencesí. Information about the programmes may be obtained from Mrs Sue Batchelor at the Division of Nursing. The programme development team was assisted by Dr Michael Frearson at the School of Continuing Education, who should be contacted for further information about the development of work-based learning programmes.

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