Reporter 409, 3 November 1997

Committee election results

In the recent elections by members of the Senate, Faculties and Ancillary staff to various University committees, the following members of staff were successful – Council: Professor Alan Watson, Physics and Astronomy, Senate Representative, 1997-99 and Mr F Whitaker, UNISERV, Ancillary Staff Representative, 1997-2000; Academic Development Committee: Mr David Lindley, English, Senate Representative, 1997-2000; Planning and Resources Committee: Dr David Salinger, Pure Mathematics, Senate Representative, 1997-2000; House and Estates Committee: Dr Richard Killington, Microbiology, Senate Representative, 1997-2001 and Dr Richard Byrn, German, Faculty Representative, 1997-2001; Teaching and Learning Board: Mr Thomas Gough, Computer Studies, Senate Representative, 1997-2001 and Dr David Parker, History, Faculty Representative, 1997-99; Graduate Board: Dr Martin Butler, English, Faculty Representative, 1997-99.

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