Reporter 409, 3 November 1997

New Chairs

Professor Philip Quirke

Professor Philip Quirke has taken up a Personal Chair in Pathology. His research has centred on the pathology, surgery and molecular biology of colorectal cancer and the application of new molecular techniques to the diagnosis of disease.

Professor Keith Elliott

Professor Keith Elliott has taken up a Personal Chair in New Testament Textual Criticism. His major research interests are in the Greek manuscript tradition of the Bible, and also in non-canonical early Christian literature, the so-called apocryphal New Testament.

Professor Frank Riley

Professor Frank Riley has taken up a Personal Chair in Ceramic Processing. His current research interests include powder surface properties and sintering behaviour, and the relationships between sub-micrometre dimension microstructural features and the resistance of technical ceramics. He is also internationally recognised for work on the high temperature oxidation and corrosion reactions of nonoxide ceramics.

Professor David Rowlands

Professor David Rowlands has taken up the chair of Molecular Virology. His research interests concern the structure and function of viruses of the picornavirus family, especially Foot and Mouth Disease Virus, and the development of virus vaccines. More recently he has worked with viruses responsible for human hepatitis.

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