Reporter 409, 3 November 1997


On the right scent

Dr Kirk Mann
Sociology and Social Policy

I was thrilled to see the comments about smoking on Red Route in the last issue. However, I would go much further than simply banning smoking in this major thoroughfare.

Having spent 15 minutes trying to get into, and another 10 minutes to get out of the Roger Stevens Building I found myself actually having to stand next to a throng of people – students presumably – many of whom stank of cigarette smoke. Others had the whiff of garlic about them, and others had clearly recently consumed even smellier foods.

Surely the University must do something to stop visitors getting the idea that smells are commonplace. Perhaps those with sensitive noses could be provided with pegs, or be encouraged to hold their noses?

Alternatively could we ban the people who want to wander in and out of the RS Building – or at least ensure we are not crushed by the odours as well as the bodies of such vagrants?

Yours, with a hint of “Tabac”.

Lamented events

Gordon Leesdale
Chairman, Senior Common Room Club

Jim Jackson’s nostalgia for the old-style University events sheet will strike sympathetic chords throughout the campus. The Editor says the Reporter is happy to publicise events, “subject to constraints of space.” That’s the whole point! The old events sheet had no such constraints. It was a weekly publication, several pages in extent, covering all lectures, recitals, conferences and other happenings on campus, no matter how weird or esoteric. It was freely available on the Friday before the week it covered and was sent to retired staff and off-campus friends of the University.

The single events page in the fortnightly Reporter is highly selective and is often not received (at least by individuals) until after some of the events have taken place. The ‘full details’ available on the web are of little use to those on campus who cannot access this or who are at home without computers!

Any events sheet must be comprehensive so that an item of minority interest can be spotted by the few cranky individuals for whom it could be the highlight of the year. Additionally, it must cater for retired members of the University so that this reservoir of learning and experience is encouraged to return to the campus as often as possible.

Please can we have back our weekly, anticipatory, comprehensive and fully circulated University events sheet?

We will review this service; but, for reasons already given, the costs of reinstatement are likely to be prohibitive. Retired members of staff can receive the Reporter on application to the Press Office – Editor

Waste not, want not

Beverley Marczycha
Financial Services

I was very surprised to receive copies of the recent edition of the Reporter in new envelopes. Surely when such a document as this is circulated it would be more reasonable to simply use address labels. The Financial Services section is committed to promoting a green policy both within and beyond our own office and waste such as this can not be justified.

We are very conscious of the recycling and environmental issues but it is unfortunately not practical to obtain sufficient used envelopes for a distribution of 7,000. We hope the recipients will recycle them. We only use envelopes when distributing more than one item; labels are used in all other cases – Editor

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