Reporter 408, 20 October 1997

New MA deals in the business of ethics

An innovative Master's course has been created to help members of the business community resolve thorny ethical dilemmas and issues of social responsibility without losing sight of commercial realities.

The University is currently recruiting for its Master of Arts in Business Ethics and Corporate Governance, the first of its kind in the country. The new MA will normally take two years to complete part-time, and will be supported by a site on the World Wide Web.

Course moderator Chris Megone, of the Centre for Business and Professional Ethics, explains: "People at all levels inevitably face ethical decisions in their everyday working lives, in relation to marketing, manufacturing, research, human resources, finance, business strategy and corporate governance. By providing a rigorous philosophical understanding of business ethics with an acute awareness of the commercial realities, this course will equip participants to respond critically and authoritatively to such fundamental issues."

The course will begin in January 1998.

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