Reporter 407, 6 October 1997

Hands-on approach to relaxation

Working with her hands has always come naturally to Karen McDonald – she trained originally as a potter but became interested in massage when seeking therapy for her own back problems. She is now a full-time massage therapist working with local organisations including the West Yorkshire Playhouse, Yorkshire Television and now the University of Leeds.

“The most common complaints I get are tense shoulders and backs. Sitting in front of a computer all day can cause real problems for some people. Tense minds can be a problem too,” Karen told the Reporter.

Karen trained in massage in Leeds but has recently been to Thailand to learn more about Thai techniques. She provides relaxation or remedial services and says she puts all the techniques in a melting pot and provides a combination of what the individual needs.

Karen has been teaching massage at the Student Union for three years and can also demonstrate stress management and relaxation techniques. Appointments can be made through Occupational Health ext 2997.

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