Reporter 407, 6 October 1997

Academic and academic-related promotions

To grade 1: Ms O Wrigglesworth – Media Services
To grade 2: Ms H Dyson, Office of Part-Time Education; Miss D Schofield, School of Healthcare Studies; Mrs L Summers, Student Office; Miss S Throp, Research Degrees and Scholarships Office; Dr P N Davies, Finance; Mr M R Ferraby, Research Support Unit; Ms S J Fielding, School of Continuing Education; Mrs L R Ward, Departmental Support Unit; Mrs M Bullock, Education
To grade 3: Mr K Broadhead, Personnel; Mr J Craig, Computer Studies; Mr S Kowalczyk, Materials; Ms A Leach, Research Degrees and Scholarships Office; Mrs J E Z Mackintosh, Mathematics; Ms J Meadowcroft, Personnel; Ms C S A Ramage, Careers Service; Mr H Starkey, Research School of Medicine; Mrs S Trotter, Civil Engineering; Mrs A Torode, French; Mrs M Troughton, Estate Services; Miss S Walker, School of Medicine
To grade 4: Mrs S Baker, School of English; Mr Z G Brassay; Secretariat; Mr C W Davies, Finance; Mr B T Hudspeth, Leeds University Union; Mrs H M Smith, Finance; Mr R Wilson, Careers Service
To grade 5: Mr E G Brush, Administrative Computing Service; Mr D Gardner, Teaching and Learning Support Unit; Mrs K Hodgson, DSU; Mr L Q Chung, Biomedical Services
To grade 2: Mrs D M Hirschman; Miss C S V Lee, Dr M A S Shipway; Ms T S Stanley
To grade 2: Mr C Howley, University Computing Service
To grade 3: Mr G S Bacchus, University Computing Service; Mr D Horton, Psychology; Mr M Jones, Admin. Computing Service; Mr A J M Obaidi, Computer Studies/Geography; Ms B J Wright, University Computing Service
To grade 4: Mr D J Rowland, Leukaemia Research Fund for Clinical Epidemiology; Dr J G Schmidt, University Computing Service; Mr T R Screeton, University Computing Service
To grade 1: Miss J Connell, Psychological Therapies Research Centre
To grade 2: Mrs J Gilroy, School of Healthcare Studies; Mr C I Smith, Biology; Mr C Hudson, Mining and Mineral Engineering; Mr R Schofield, University Computing Service; Mr D Helmsley, Safety Office; Mrs F Cameron, RSU; Mrs A Kerslake, Leeds University Union; Mrs H Lilley, LRF Centre for Clinical Epidemiology; Mr M L Patel, Chemistry
To grade 3: Mr K Crellin, Earth Sciences; Mrs J N Fairley, Music; Dr M S Hetherington, Physiology; Mr J Mellor-Clark, Psychology (Psychological Therapies Research Centre); Mrs S Muir , LRF Centre for Clinical Epidemiology; Mr P Nix, Fine Art/Music; Mrs J Parker, LRF Centre for Clinical Epidemiology; Ms M Robbins, School of Healthcare Studies; Mr S J Ruddy, University Union
To grade 4: Dr R M Brown, Human Biology; Mr D J Dunmore, Language Centre; Mr P G Guise, Earth Sciences; Mrs R Marsh, Language Centre; Dr T J Wassall, Sociology and Social Policy; Mr J D B Watts, Physics and Astronomy; Dr D N Joanes, Mathematics
To grade 5: Dr R Creasey, Civil Engineering; Dr W J Varker, Earth Sciences; Dr A P Donajgrodzki, Office of Part-Time Education;
To grade IA: Mr E L Baker, Division of Clinical Sciences: Medical Physics; Miss C Calvert, Nuffield Institute for Health; Ms S Comte, Transport Studies; Miss J Greenhalgh, Nuffield Institute for Health; Mrs C Walters, Microbiology
To grade II: Dr M J Drinkhill, Institute for Cardiovascular Research; Mr R Higgins, Nuffield Institute; Dr N A King, Psychology; Dr N J Lench, Molecular Medicine Unit; Mrs D Mitrovic, Civil Engineering; Dr M A Mohsin, Chemistry; Dr A M Mullis, School of Materials; Dr B Neale, Sociology and Social Policy; Dr S W Tsui, Chemistry; Dr I Turton, Geography; Dr S S F Wong, Chemistry
To grade III: Dr S Bottrell , Earth Sciences; Dr P Harrison, Electronic and Electrical Engineering; Dr M Rathjen, Pure Mathematics; Dr P A Robinson, Dental Surgery; Dr A N Semenov, Applied Mathematical Studies; Dr M Wardman, Transport Studies
To grade A: Mr MJ Stroh, Geography
To grade B: Dr A R Cross, Leeds University Business School; Dr R Clare, Classics; Dr K W Dalgarno, Mechanical Engineering; Dr A R Davies, Electronic & Electrical Engineering; Dr P Ehret, Mechanical Engineering; Dr B Engh, Fine Art; Dr I W Hamley, Chemistry; Mr B Henson, Mechanical Engineering; Dr C Jones, I nstitute for International Studies; Dr J M Jones, Fuel and Energy; Dr S Kalliadasis, Chemical Engineering; Dr P C McGowan, Chemistry; Dr N Melvin, Politics; Dr G Roberts, Institute of Communications Studies; Dr S J Russell, Textile Industries; Mr B M Shuttleworth, Russian & Slavonic Studies; Dr P A Sleigh, Civil Engineering; Ms M T Swan, Centre for Medieval Studies; Dr X Z Wang, Chemical Engineering; Dr L J West, Earth Sciences; Dr D J Wood, Dental Institute

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