Reporter 406, 22 September 1997

Library goes live

The University Library’s new computer system went live in the second week of September. The main change affecting Library users will be the presentation of the catalogue, but many other aspects of the new system will enable the Library to provide a better service now or in the future.

The new system, from Innovative Interfaces Inc., runs on standard hardware and offers a Web interface to the catalogue. A telnet interface is also available. This is a major step toward the ideal of a single integrated interface through which researchers and students can access resources both print-based and electronic, local and remote.

The catalogue is available from PCs in the Library, from the UCS standard desktop or menu, under Library Services, at URL, or by telnet to

New features of the catalogue include plentiful built-in “help”; ability to move instantly from one catalogue record to others with the same author, classmark, subject heading, and series title; “extended display”, allowing you to increase the level of detail displayed in indexes; ability to e-mail the results of searches; ability to restrict searches to items added in the last eight weeks; to Special Collections material; to periodicals; or to networked electronic resources and 24-hour availability, seven days a week

Future developments will include periodicals entries which show the arrival of recent individual issues, a “module reading list” system enabling students to check all items on a list in one operation, links to electronic journals and other electronic resources, entries for books on order by the Library, before they arrive... and many other developments. You will not need a new Library ticket for the new system. All records for items on loan have been transferred to it automatically. Dr Oliver Pickering

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