Reporter 406, 22 September 1997

Diabetes team wins funding

The success of a University study linking the incidence of diabetes in children to nitrate levels in drinking water has resulted in a £50,000 funding boost for the Centre for Health Services Research. The Drinking Water Inspectorate in the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions has decided that the findings from the study, which was the first of its kind to examine the issue in detail and featured in the Reporter in April, warrants further investigation.

The grant will fund an investigation into the relationship between nitrates and childhood diabetes in Scotland, Oxfordshire and Leicestershire.

Project leader Dr Tricia McKinney, Director of the Paediatric Epidemiology Group, and researcher Roger Parslow have also received a grant from the British Medical Association. The £10,000 Joan Dawkins Award will fund the creation of a database of information about chemicals in drinking water.

Dr McKinney said: “This is a vital area of research and there has been a great amount of interest from the public and the media since our work was featured in the Reporter. We are delighted the importance and quality of this study has been recognised with a major funding boost.”

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