Reporter 406, 22 September 1997

Clerical promotions

Ms H Light, Research Support Unit, 2; Miss C Walton, Healthcare Studies, 2; Miss M Addy, Central Records Office, 3; Miss S Ahmed, Personnel, 3; Mrs R Bailey, Computer Studies, 3; Mrs E Baylin, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, 3; Mrs A Bradshaw, Computing Service, 3; Mr S Broome, Estate Services, 3; Mr SG Brown, City & Regional Office, 3; Miss L Chadwick, Medicine, 3; Mrs JE Chapman, Estate Services, 3; Miss N Colley, Research Degrees, 3; Mrs J Connolly, UNISERV, 3; Mrs B Cunningham, LUU, 3; Mrs D Dalgleish, Continuing Education, 3; Miss M Di Stefano, History, 3; Miss D Fisher, Healthcare Studies, 3; Mrs E Furness, Edward Boyle Library, 3; Mrs J Grundy, LUBS, 3; Miss D Harris, Leukemia Research Fund Centre, 3; Ms S Hollings, English, 3; Mr J.M Hooper, Edward Boyle Library, 3; Mr M Kebede, Personnel, 3; Mrs J Lawson, Personnel, 3; Ms C Lewis, English, 3; Mrs J.M MacIntyre, Mechanical Engineering, 3; Mrs M.J Marshall, LUU, 3; Mr S Mauborgne, UNISERV, 3; Mrs J McSorley, Psychology, 3; Ms C Mesher, Residential & Commercial Services, 3; Miss J Nowosilyc, Language Centre, 3; Miss L Pearce, French, 3; Ms S Rix, Mechanical Engineering, 3; Mrs M Ross, Sociology & Social Policy, 3; Ms K Stout, DSU, 3; Mrs H Strachan, Fuel and Energy, 3; Mrs S Sykes, Brotherton Library, 3; Mrs J Winpenny, Continuing Education, 3; Ms J Wright, Mechanical Engineering, 3; Ms J Yates, Biology, 3; Mrs L Armistead, Transport Studies, 4; Miss S Armitage, Continuing Education, 4; Ms A Ashton, Finance Office, 4; Miss D Blake, LUBS, 4; Mrs P.A.G Boyes, Mathematics, 4; Mrs V Braithwaite, Leukemia Research Fund Centre, 4; Mrs L Burke, Transport Studies, 4; Mrs C Cascarino, History, 4; Ms M Clarke, Student Office, 4; Miss J Cox, Personnel, 4; Mrs M Crosland, Development Studies, 4; Mrs S Evans, Mathematics, 4; Miss C Everson, Psychology, 4; Mrs H French, Healthcare Studies, 4; Miss S Hadden, Medical Education Unit, 4; Mrs M.E Hardy, Medicine, 4; Ms J Kelly, Public Relations Office, 4; Miss R Longdon, Language Centre, 4; Mrs J Martin, Postgraduate Medical & Dental Education, 4; Mrs J Pickering, Politics, 4; Ms A Purchon, Finance Office, 4; Mrs P Richardson, Mechanical Engineering, 4; Mrs C Rutherford, Mathematics, 4; Mrs S Salvin, Continuing Education, 4; Mr R Sellers, International & Schools Liaison Office, 4; Ms C Skinner, LUBS, 4; Mrs D.K Smith, Clinical Pharmacology Unit, 4; Ms Y Smith, TLSU, 4; Miss K Stewart, Pro-Vice-Chancellors Office, 4; Mrs D Sykes, Healthcare Studies, 4; Miss A Tattam, Environment Centre, 4; Mrs A.J Tindall, Psychology, 4; Ms L Tolan, RSU, 4; Mrs M Walsh, Student Office, 4; Mrs A Atkinson, Computing Service, 5; Mrs D Baboolal, Language Centre, 5; Mrs L.J Backhouse and Mrs D Baldwin, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, 5; Mrs H.J Benton, DSU, 5; Mrs D Carr, Civil Engineering, 5; Ms P Dunn, Education, 5; Mrs A Eaton, Residential & Commercial Services, 5; Mrs L Fryer, Resesarch School of Medicine, 5; Mrs R Haase, Dental Institute, 5; Mrs L Halson, DSU, 5; Mrs D Johnson, Continuing Education, 5; Miss A Kenny, Environment Centre, 5; Mrs J Kish, French, 5; Mrs B Marczycha, Finance Office, 5; Mr G McDonald, Finance Office, 5; Mrs K Mistry, Computing Service, 5; Mrs M.A Nettleton, French, 5; Ms E Paget, English, 5; Ms J Ruecroft, Biology, 5; Ms D Sinclair, Research Degrees, 5; Mrs A.M Sowerby, Fuel and Energy, 5; Mr R Taylor, Textile Industries, 5; Mrs N Wildman, English, 5; Ms C.E Barton, Education, 6; Mrs S Beckram, Vice-Chancellor's Office, 6; Ms E Dickinson, Student Office, 6; Mr A Hall, Residential & Commercial Services, 6; Mrs S Ogden, Fuel and Energy, 6.

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