Reporter 405, 30 June 1997

No change to appointments policy

There has been no change in University policy on the renewal of fixed-term appointments, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for staff, Professor Joyce Hill, told Senate.

Cases continue to be considered individually, on their merits. Decisions on staffing were, of course, subject to financial constraints and no guarantee could be given that all fixed-term appointments would be rolled forward at their termination, she added.

In the current session, 11 staff have had rolling contracts converted into permanent positions. A decision not to approve the renewal of a particular fixed term appointment was now being reconsidered on the basis of a revised departmental submission. No other applications from resource centres to renew fixed term appointments have been turned down.

•At its recent Annual General Meeting, Leeds AUT instructed officers to ballot members on strike action in the event of the compulsory redundancy of any of its members. The meeting made clear its opposition to any replacement of permanent appointments by fixed-term contracts.

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