Reporter 405, 30 June 1997

Appreciation for retiring staff

Senate recorded appreciations of the following members of staff who are retiring (or who have recently retired) for their service to the University: Mr David Birchall, Deputy Registrar and Head of the Special Projects Office; Professor Inga-Stina Ewbank, School of English; Professor David Goldspink, Division of Medicine, School of Medicine; Professor Denis Grieg, Chairman, Department of Physics and Astronomy; Dr William Griffiths, Department of Physics and Astronomy; Professor Michael Hillas, Department of Physics and Astronomy; Mr Colin Johnson, Department of Russian and Slavonic Studies; Dr Adam Middleton, Head of Department, Centre for Human Biology; Dr Christopher Schorah, Division of Clinical Sciences, School of Medicine; Professor William Speck, School of History and Mrs Sally Wheeler, Personnel Director.

Professor Brian Jewell, Dean of the School of Medicine, has announced his retirement with effect from March 1998.

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