Reporter 404, 16 June 1997

Keeping ahead of the Millennium bug

The single biggest problem facing the computer industry is the 'Millennium bug'. As old computer software often stores the year number as a two-digit number problems arise when calculating such things as a person's age. To tackle the problem within the University a Year 2000 Management Team has been formed.

To raise staff's awareness of the problem and offer some solutions, the Administrative Computing Service will hold a one-hour seminar at 10.30am on July 1 in lecture theatre 22 of the Roger Stevens Building. The seminar will cover assessing the scale of the problem across the University, construction of a campus-wide software systems database, dealing with suppliers, and software for checking PC compliance. Copies of the software used by ACS will be available to take away and use.

For further details about the Millennium problem a number of websites are available.

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