Reporter 404, 16 June 1997

Personal Reader titles awarded

The personal title and status of Reader has been conferred on the following:
Dr J Best, Earth Sciences, (Experimental Sedimentology), Dr W R Childs, History (Medieval History), Dr W W Crawley-Boevey, Pure Mathematics, (Algebra), Dr M A Hann, Textile Industries, (International Textile Design), Dr Z Henderson, Physiology, (Integrative Neuroscience), Dr M Hunter, Physiology, (Epithelial Physiology), Dr F Karim, Physiology, (Cardiovascular Physiology), Dr M Pourkashanian, Fuel and Energy (High Temperature Combustion Processes), Dr J Stillwell, Geography, (Migration and Regional Development), Dr K Theakston, Politics, (Government), Mr D Thomas, Medicine, (Paediatric Surgery) (Honorary), Dr P D Tomlinson, Education, (Education), Dr P F T Vaughan, Research School of Medicine, (Neurochemistry), Dr P T Williams, Fuel and Energy, (Environmental Engineering).

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