Reporter 404, 16 June 1997

MRC funding news

The Medical Research Council has announced new ways of funding research in universities. The changes are designed to help the Council improve its ability to fund and nurture research of the highest quality and increase productivity and collaboration.

Some of the key changes include the introduction of centre grants to support multidisciplinary research groups in partnership with universities and with full-time scientific leadership and management; co-operative group grants to bring together a critical mass of researchers to add value to individual research projects and improve productivity; and innovation grants to provide short-term funding for high-risk, speculative or innovative research.

"These changes will significantly improve the MRC's ability to meet its objective of funding the highest quality research to improve human health," said Professor George Radda, Chief Executive of the MRC.

Details of the changes are given in a booklet available free on request from the MRC and on the World Wide Web at

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