Reporter 404, 16 June 1997


The Medical Research Council has announced new ways of funding research in universities. New types of grants are replacing some of the existing grant schemes and changes are being made to some of the schemes which remain. The changes are designed to help the Council improve its ability to fund and nurture research of the highest quality and increase productivity and collaboration.

Details of the changes are given in a booklet available free on request from the MRC and on the World Wide Web at

Some of the key changes are:

Other forms of support for research (namely programme grants, units and institutes, support for clinical trials and training and career development awards) remain, with some minor changes which reflect the introduction of the new grant schemes. "These changes will significantly improve the MRC's ability to meet its objective of funding the highest quality research to improve human health," said Professor George Radda,Chief Executive of the MRC. "They will help foster new partnerships with universities, increase collaboration and multidisciplinary working and help research at the interface between clinical and basic biological science. The new grants will also encourage innovation and risk-taking, help new investigators become established and offer increased flexibility. We believe that all of these are vital for the future of biomedical research in the UK."

For further information see the MRC World Wide Web pages at

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