Reporter 403, 2 June 1997

Uni-Sex heads for the States

A University sexual health team's down-to-earth approach has so impressed colleges in the USA they have been invited to make a presentation in New Orleans.

Uni-Sex offers care on all aspects of sexual health, such as HIV, breast and testicle examination, and lesbian and gay issues. The staff also act as counsellors and emphasise an informal friendly approach. Props such as plastic testicles are used to put students at their ease.

As part of the Leeds Student Medical Practice Uni-Sex covers 17,500 students and is made up of a doctor, two nurses, a receptionist and a practice manager. The team works closely with the Student Welfare Department, the local Genito-Urinary Clinic and the University's Lesbian and Gay Society.

When the American College Health Association heard about Uni-Sex they felt the work done by the team was ahead of sexual health work with students in the USA. The whole Uni-Sex team was invited to New Orleans to make a presentation at the ACHA's annual conference on May 29.

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