Reporter 402, 19 May 1997

The Access Office organises visits by inner city schools to the University so they can see what university life has to offer. The following poem was written By Lynsay Playforth from Agnes Stewart School following a visit to the campus.


Life is like a harvest, the point in
Time when it's at it's darkest.
It is the time when nothing goes right
When the thousands of decisions plague your dreams at night.
It is when you don't know what to do,
When it's something you've got to do alone,
And there's no-one to help you.
It's the moment you've been working towards,
When you've gone through all the work, and
Hassle of winning awards.
It's the turning point in your life when everything ends,
When you take a different path to all your friends.
The time when you need to breathe in a wide open space,
Where you need to clear your head and feel the wind in your face.
In the end when things become clear,
When everything you've worked for is worth it,
You know you've got nothing to fear.
This is the Harvest of Life ,
It's a constant battle to get through all the strife.
It's about not letting other people influence what you do.
It's about doing what you know is right for you.

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