Reporter 401, 6 May 1997

Technical staff promotions announced for 1997

PROMOTION TO GRADE B: Mr J Lewis (Colour Chemistry and Dyeing); GRADE C: Mr G Lister (University Computing Service), Mr J Wan (University Computing), Mr A Gilmour (The Language Centre), Miss L Gregorash (School of Geography), Mr P Hollings (Biomedical Services), Miss S J Olbison (Department of Biology), Mr P Murphy (Department of Earth Sciences); GRADE D: Mr A O’Brien (Department of Physiology), Mr R Walker (School of Medicine/Research School), Mr J Charlesworth (Institute of Communication Studies), Mrs P A Shore (Centre for Human Biology), Mr J R Miles (Department of Civil Engineering), Mr R Dunn (Leeds University Business School), Miss S E Cook (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), Mr D W Jackson (Department of Animal Physiology), Mr M Mulherin (University Computing Service), Mr S Fawcett (Biomedical Services); GRADE E: Mr T Smith (Department of Textile Industries), Miss G Cardwell (Department of Psychology), Mr J P Haigh (Department of Mining and Mineral Eng.), Mr M Javed (School of Materials), Mr S C Wellings (IRC in Polymer Science), Mr C P Brier (Department of Fuel and Energy), Mr F E Gilmore (School of Education), Mr S R Watkins (Cookridge Radiation Research Centre), Mr G G Taylor (School of Chemistry), Mr J Spence (School of Chemistry), Mrs L J Wright (School of Geography), Mrs P E Hick (Department of Biology), Ms S Shaw (Department of Physiology), Miss S Dimmock (School of Medicine/Research School), Mr D Sharples (School of Medicine/Research School), Mrs C E Skinner (School of Medicine/Research School), Mrs R Parmar (School of Medicine/Research School), Mr P S Drake (Department of Human Biology), Ms K Abis (Department of Civil Engineering), Ms J Webster (Department of Civil Engineering), Ms S E Marcus (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), Mrs A J Trejdosiewicz (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), Mr L Turner (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), Mrs J Murgatroyd (University Computing Service), Miss R Denton (University Computing Service); GRADE F: Mr R Green (Department of Earth Sciences), Mrs J Kaye (School of Medicine/Research School), Mr P Warburton (School of Medicine/Research School), Mr J Wheeldon (School of Medicine/Research School), Mr M Holmes (School of Chemistry), Mr A Ismail (Department of Mechanical Engineering,) Mr B N Drake (Houldsworth School), Ms C L Godfrey (Leeds Dental Institute), Ms J Marriot (Leeds Dental Institute), Mr P Milbourne (Administrative Computing Service); GRADE G: Mr A S Cail (Department of Mechanical Engineering), Mr H D Darby (Department of Mechanical Engineering), Mr J S Groves (Department of Mechanical Engineering), Mr R M Martin (Department of Mechanical Engineering), Mr A G Heald (Department of Mechanical Engineering), Mr J McMahon (Department of Microbiology); GRADE I: Mr J Cookman (Department of Pharmacology), Mrs S Briggs (Department of Psychology).

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