Reporter 401, 6 May 1997

Senate election results

In the recent election by faculties of five members of the Senate the following were successful: Professor Shirley Chew of the School of English, Mr Andrew Cooper of the Brotherton Library, Professor Peter Dew of Computer Studies, Professor Michael Holman of Russian and Slavonic Studies and Dr David Parker of the School of History. They will serve for a period of three years from October 1.In the elections by members of the faculty constituencies to membership of the Senate, the following candidates were successful (period of office in parentheses):

Arts – Dr Andrew Rothwell (3),Dr John Whale (3); Economic and Social Studies – no nominations received; Education and Law – Dr Paul Sharp (3); Science-Dr Alan Radford (3), Professor Brian Sleeman (3); Engineering – Mr Stephen Clark (3), Dr Peter Jimack (1), Professor Roger Pollard (3); Mr H Brian Bentley (2), Professor David Hunter (3), Dr Peter McWilliam (3), Professor John Morrison (3), Dr John Wales (3), Dr Elaine Whitaker (3)– all from Medicine, Dentistry and Health.

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