Reporter 401, 6 May 1997

New Chairs

Dr Philip Heywood Philip

Heywood is to take up a Chair of Primary Care Development in the School of Medicine in August. Dr Heywood is principal in a local Leeds general practice and is also a Senior Practice Research Fellow (part time) and Deputy Director of the Centre for Research in Primary Care at Leeds. He has resigned from his general practice partnership in order to take up the post.

Dr John Trinick

John Trinick is to take up a Chair of Animal Cell Biology in the Centre for Human Biology. Presently Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Veterinary Clinical Science at Bristol University, Dr Trinick has extensive experience of the biochemistry and structure of myofibrillar proteins and expertise in time-resolved and single molecule electron microscopy and immunological techniques. The new chair will be associated with the Research School of Biological Sciences, and his group will be working in the area of muscle biology.

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