Reporter 401, 6 May 1997


A 50th Anniversary Conference
University of Leeds, Leeds, UK
May 23rd-24th 1997

The 1947 Marshall Plan was a key element in the shaping of the postwar world. This two-day interdisciplinary conference will reevaluate its consequences for both Europe and the USA, in the light of current debates over the international order.

Papers will be presented under four panel headings:

Confirmed speakers include:

Kathleen Burk, Sir Alec Cairncross, Tony Carew, Ian Clark, Michael Cox, David Ellwood, Fernando Guirao, Jonathan Haslam, John Ikenberry, Caroline Kennedy-Pipe, Jacqueline McGlade, Mikko Majander, Mikael af Malmborg, Federico Romero, Luciano Segreto, Jim Tomlinson.

For further information and booking forms please contact:

Janet Pickering, Centre for Industrial Policy and Performance, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT, 0113 233 448; email: - or see our website:

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